Sabliov Research Group

Bioprocessing and Colloidal Systems

Current Research projects

Animal studies

Researchers: Marcella and McKenzie

These studies have focused on the uptake and biodistribution of polymeric nanoparticles in animals (F344 rats) after oral administration for different periods of time. They have also included the collection and processing of tissues to study the toxicity of nanoparticles in the animals.

Soybean nano-scale pesticide study

Researchers: Dr. Astete and Kurt

This study focuses on the development of a nano-scale pesticide for application on soybeans. Preliminary studies in Dr. Sabliov’s research group have shown the ability of fluorescent zein nanoparticles to remain on soybean leaves after the leaves are washed, but additional information is required to understand the mechanism by which the plant internalizes these particles, as well as their fate within the plant and, eventually, within the environment. Delivery of pesticides in nano-form offers an effective method for protecting plants and crops from insects while also decreasing applied overall pesticide volume per acre and minimizing negative environmental impacts from chemical runoff and ecological accumulation.

Food-grade nanoparticle study

Researcher: Thanida

Thanida's study focuses on the development of food-grade nanoparticles and their physicochemical stabilities and functionalities relevant to the food industry. Her research has included the development and characterization of zein nanoparticles loaded with lutein, an antioxidant agent that is stabilized by being loaded within zein NPs and surrounded by surfactant.

PLGA NP synthesis study

Researcher: Sumit

Sumit is working on developing a method to synthesize PLGA nanoparticles in a millifluidic chip rather than by traditional methods of emulsion-evaporation and solvent-extraction techniques. He will use the same millifluidic device to determine nanoparticles biotransformation when exposed to blood and their effect on blood components.


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